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 Crystal Key Chest

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PostSubject: Crystal Key Chest   Crystal Key Chest EmptyMon Nov 05, 2012 1:46 pm

What is A Crystal Chest?

A Crystal Key Chest, Is a Simple Chest. When Used A Specified Key (Crystal Key)
On It, You Obtain Money And An Item.

Both Money, And Item Are Randomized.

For an Example:
Crystal Key Chest I69hsk
Pvp Items are obtainable through the Crystal Chest.
Along With Lucky Bandos Tasset, For an Example.

Where Can The Crystal Chest Be Located?

Crystal Key Chest 52f3ic

Basically Right across From the Main Home Bank.

How Do i Make A Crystal Key?

To Make A Crystal Key, You Will need 2 Items.

1 x Tooth Half Of Key
1 x Loop Half Of Key

Both of the Items Of Above, Are Dropped By Just about Every NPC.
Rock Crabs, Are beleived To be the Best.

What Do i Do With Both Parts?

Simply Right Click On One Half And Use it On the Other.

Crystal Key Chest 2hrzlh0
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PostSubject: Re: Crystal Key Chest   Crystal Key Chest EmptyMon Nov 05, 2012 1:55 pm

this is a great addition to the game looking forward to it
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Crystal Key Chest
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