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 Important Information.

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PostSubject: Important Information.   Important Information. EmptyMon Nov 05, 2012 3:22 pm

Application Rules

Must have 40 posts
Must have atleast played for 2 Weeks.
We prefer applicants From 16+ years Of age (NOT A RULE)
We prefer applicants to have past experience of moderating(NOT A RULE)
If application is accepted, you must provide us with your full name and address(Security reasons)
Must fill out every question in the format

How are you going to choose moderators?
Well basically we're going to judge a person by the their Maturity, And Response Towards The Community.

Are you going to be getting the perfect staff team?
We hopefully plan on doing so, but the problem is we're going to have a few promotions in the beggining to test people, these promotions aren't 100% a promotion, it's basically a trial, surely we're going to make a few mistakes in promoting people but we're for sure going to find a perfect team in the end even if it takes a while.

We advise you not to try hard. And Hardcore Staff Hunt.

If Your Application Gets Denied. Please Wait 2 Weeks Before Re-Applying

Staff Team.

Important Information. 2hrzlh0
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Important Information.
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