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 Dakota Jr's Staff App :) <3

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Dakota Jr :)

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Dakota Jr's Staff App :) <3 Empty
PostSubject: Dakota Jr's Staff App :) <3   Dakota Jr's Staff App :) <3 EmptySat Nov 17, 2012 4:36 am

Name: Bradon Hancock

Age: 16

Time Zone: +12hours

im a friendly person who enjoys playing 24/7 with chris Smile
helping others and being chris's test dummy -.-

i played this server from day 1 :p i got nothing on for the
next couple of months so that just leaves me with
this server to play and help Very Happy

am i known: we are a small community we all know each other and
help each other when we need it and when we need to help others.
so yes i am well known Razz

Past experience: other than the last few months (studying for exams)
iv'e always been loyal to one server at a time doing my best to help out
and enjoy the many benefits of making lots of new friends.

i have been everything from a normal player right up to co-owner
never been owner because my old laptop was a piece of crap so maybe now
i can look at coding and sources for servers :p

in what way can i benefit the server?: i am pretty much on 24/7 with chris coz we have nothing more important Very Happy, so if something were to happen i would almost always be able to stop the problem and de-escalate any situations between others in a friendly peaceful manner. once i have got screen recorder i will be able to made daily videos and upload them onto youtube and any other common sites if i can think of any haha.

what position: i would like be become a moderator of Evolutiionx to give me the ability to teleport to others to help them and to mute spammers from other servers ect.

i <3 you chris Razz (nohomo) 0.0 GL everyone else who has made a staff application wish you the best
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Dakota Jr's Staff App :) <3
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