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 FallenDreams application

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PostSubject: FallenDreams application   FallenDreams application EmptySat Dec 08, 2012 7:24 pm

Name: Jonathan

Age: 14

Timezone: North American Eastern Time Zone

how long have i been playing: Just started today

Important things or a little about me: I own a sever but i rarely on it it has over 100 + active people and what i do i go around and help out with other people server and i see you have a webclient problem so i think i can help

How well are you known in the server? not really i just joined

Do players think of you as a person who they can ask for help? i think they would because i am really good with rsps's and web design

Any past experience? Other forums or a RSPS? Please list some of your experience. Yes, here is a list Project Aftershock (Main Owner),ExtremeScape (2nd Main Owner),Killzonescape (Co-owner-web desinger) i also designed some forums like for my server i owned and i helped with killzonescape

In what way do you think you could benefit the server & staff team, also please list the Spot you're applying for; Ok i am really experienced with coding adding commands like maybe a staffzone or donator if you would like those and i could help fix your webclient problem it is not that hard to make and post it on forums where it gets no errors and to help out staff watch out for rule breakers

Other (i added this): Don't give me owner or co-owner if i help with the webclient and with coding i didn't make the server i would only want Mod,Admin or anything else i not really a staff hunter so i think i'll be happy with support or web desinger but you can choose what i am

Do You Meet the Current Requirements? No I dont but i can really help out the server
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FallenDreams application
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